Bespoke home office furniture

Does a Fitted Home Study Add Value to Your Home?

There is no doubt that the quality, flexibility and look of an interior space – with regards to fitted furniture, adds to the desirability and therefore saleability of a home.

Just as a well designed – beautifully produced family kitchen space is now seen as one of the fundamental requirements for a new home – regardless of a home’s value, the home study is now becoming of increasing importance.

Even before the Covid pandemic, the trend for people working from home was on the increase due to improved communication technology and businesses wishing to reduce their office overheads. Now, with more ‘lockdowns’ and with the growing realisation from companies that they no longer need to retain large – expensive office properties, the demand for homes, with a study, is gathering momentum.

Heaven & Stubbs can work with you to create the perfect bespoke home office, creating home office furniture that’s not just in-tune with your homes interior style, but also, your specific needs and requirements.

Regardless of the size or shape of your home’s interior, Heaven & Stubbs bespoke design and manufacturing capability means that study furniture can be created to a scale and shape to suit – whilst integrating enough storage, facilities and features that matter to you.


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