Home office furniture

Fitted home office furniture

Fitted home office furniture is the optimum solution when it comes to transforming your spare room into a practical and stylish place to work. At Heaven & Stubbs we create beautiful bespoke studies to suit the specific needs of a wide-variety of clients.

A growing trend

Increasing numbers of people are making the move to permanent home working.  Making a success of it depends on a number of factors, not least where you are going to be doing your work. While taking up a corner of the kitchen table may be an option  on a temporary basis, if you want to work efficiently in comfortable and practical surroundings, nothing quite beats your own home office.

Fitted home office furniture

Create the perfect home office

To turn a spare room into a home office takes more than just setting up a desk. You can purchase mass produced office furniture, but it’s rarely ideal for the space you have available, and your own unique requirements. Considering the amount of time we spend working, it makes sense to invest in beautifully designed and crafted home office furniture. A uniquely designed and expertly fitted home office will not only help your productivity, it will also be a comfortable place in which to spend time.

An investment for the future

With home and remote-working becoming increasingly commonplace, it’s likely that homes that feature dedicated home office space will be at a premium. As homebuyers once prioritised beautifully bespoke kitchens and bathrooms, increasing numbers will be doing the same for home offices. As well as a dedicated working space that’s a perfect fit for your own needs, Heaven & Stubbs fitted home offices are an investment that could add value to your home and increase its appeal to a range of buyers.

Made to measure for your requirements

Whether it’s a study for occasional use or a home office for daily working, our fitted home office furniture is entirely made to measure. This means, each of our fitted home studies and offices is entirely unique. No matter what the size or specification of the room you have available, our experienced designers can help you maximise your space. We put intelligent design at the heart of everything we do.

Traditional or contemporary

Whether you favour the warm, traditional look of oak, or prefer a more contemporary finish, our designers can create something that matches your preferences. We take time to get to know what you hope for from your home office, and then create a millimetre perfect design using only the highest quality materials. All of our designs are hand-made to your specific requirements by skilled and experienced craftspeople.

Comfortable, stylish and functional

We take time to get to know the different requirements of every client we deal with. Every home office we create is truly unique, combining quality materials, a commitment to craftsmanship and a desire to bring your vision to life.

A custom made home office from Heaven & Stubbs can help make your working life a pleasure.

Bespoke study furniture

Fitted office furniture

Every home office that we design is created to your own specifications. Each piece of fitted furniture is made to suit your precise requirements for a customised finish that is perfectly tailored to your needs.

Bespoke study showcase

Showcase Home Offices

The only way to fully appreciate the quality of our work is to see it for yourself. See our showcase gallery of beautiful designs or make an appointment to visit one of our fitted home office showrooms.

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Fitted home office furniture

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