Bespoke study furniture

Handmade Bespoke study furniture

Increasing numbers of people are considering handmade bespoke study furniture as they make the shift to permanent home working. Compared to mass-produced, cheaper alternatives it can help create the ideal working environment. Heaven & Stubbs use the highest quality materials to create beautiful home offices and studies to suit a wide variety of needs.

A growing trend

Increasing numbers of people are having bespoke home study and office furniture fitted into their homes. This reflects a trend toward home and remote-working that has been gathering pace for some years. Technology makes it possible to work from anywhere, be it the beach or the kitchen table. That said, there’s nothing quite like having your own unique home office to retreat to. At Heaven & Stubbs we create beautifully designed, highly functional and long-lasting home offices and studies that are a pleasure to spend time in.

Handmade bespoke study furniture

Made-to-measure study furniture

Handmade bespoke study furniture has a number of advantages over mass-produced alternatives. Every fitted home study is designed with the particular requirements of your study in mind. Whether you have awkward corners, sloping eaves, or other restrictive features, this can not only be overcome but incorporated into the design. It’s not only the size and shape of the room we take into account, we also consider how you intend to use the completed study. Using state of the art design software, our experienced designers combine the best of the old and the new in their approach. They’ll create something truly unique, based on millimetre accurate measurements.

High quality materials

Our handmade bespoke office and study furniture uses only the highest quality materials. Oak is a perennial favourite, as too is walnut and other natural timbers. All of the wood we use is sourced from sustainable producers from all over the world. We then set about turning the materials into exquisitely hand crafted furniture. Mass produced furniture may be cheaper, but the materials used are of a lower quality and their provenance can’t be traced. They’re also unlikely to last as long. Our approach favours quality, craftsmanship and longevity. These values not only help to differentiate Heaven & Stubbs furniture from cheaper alternatives, it also marks us out among our competitors. When you commission us to create furniture for your study or home office, you are guaranteed a genuinely unique craftsman created study that will last a lifetime.

Handmade bespoke study furniture

Stylish, functional and comfortable

Whatever your aesthetic preferences our team of designers can help create the perfect study for you. Whether you opt for something traditional, or more contemporary, every made-to-measure study we create combines style with function. A bespoke home study is not only a comfortable and welcoming place to spend time, it can also add value to your property. With more people moving towards different models of working, properties that incorporate a bespoke home office or study are likely to be in greater demand. Handmade bespoke study furniture from Heaven & Stubbs is an investment in quality.
Bespoke study furniture

Bespoke Study furniture

Every study that we design is created to your own specifications. Each piece of handmade bespoke study furniture is made to suit your precise requirements for a customised finish that is perfectly tailored to your needs.

Bespoke study showcase

Showcase Studies

The only way to fully appreciate the quality of our work is to see it for yourself. See our showcase gallery of beautiful designs or make an appointment to visit one of our bespoke study showrooms.

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Bespoke study furniture

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