Home Office Design – Effective Use of Space

Home Office Design – Effective Use of Space

Whether you’re converting an entire room to a home office or creating a home study zone within an area that has other uses – for example, a kitchen, bedroom or living room – for it to be truly efficient, your home office space needs to be designed and planned with your specific requirements in mind.

There can be nothing worse than trying to work with lots of items cluttering your desk top space; by the same token, not being able to find something as basic as a certain pen or a stapler can be as equally frustrating!

At Heaven & Stubbs, we believe in the old saying ‘A place for everything and everything in its place!’ With this in mind, Heaven & Stubbs’ bespoke design and manufacturing capability enables us to work closely with you to design and produce a bespoke home office that not only has the right look and feel – according to your tastes and the interior of your home, but also, plenty of cleverly designed storage. For example, besides a place for your computer and printer, we can design in filing, library / book-casing for reference material and specific places for items of stationery. We will ensure that you also have enough plug points in just the right areas too.

Most important of all, Heaven & Stubbs will create something that besides functioning perfectly as a home study will also add style and desirability to your home.

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