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With increasing numbers of people making the leap to permanent home working, it’s never been a better time to look at the advantages of home office fitted furniture. Why struggle to work in an unsuitable corner of your home when you could be enjoying all the benefits of a handmade, entirely bespoke home office? At Heaven & Stubbs we design, craft and install beautiful and functional home offices made from the finest materials. Whether it’s the classic natural beauty of oak, or a more contemporary look, we can create a beautifully functional space that will make work a pleasure.

A fully fitted home office that meets your requirements

Home working has been a growing trend over the past decade. Increasingly, employers and employees are seeing the benefits in terms of productivity and work-life balance that it can bring. As well as advantages, it also brings some challenges, not least where you’re going to work. Working in the spare bedroom with a desk, or on the edge of the kitchen table might be practical if you’re only working from home occasionally, but it’s less so if you’re doing it long-term.

Our home offices are made to measure, maximising space and function without compromising on quality or comfort. Every home office we create is unique, and made for the particular requirements of each client.

If you’re making a permanent move to home working, it makes sense to consider a custom made home study.

home office fitted furniture

What are the advantages of a bespoke home office?

We spend a large part of our day working, so it makes sense to ensure that the place where you’re working is as comfortable and attractive as possible. A home office needn’t just be an afterthought. With a hand made office from Heaven & Stubbs your place of work will be somewhere where it’s good to spend time. When you’re happy in your surroundings your productivity increases. Our home offices allow you to properly separate your home and working life. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a study for more occasional use, then a fitted home study can become a real sanctuary. As well as being something to enjoy yourself, a home office is also an investment. With growing numbers of people moving towards home, remote or blended working patterns, homes with fitted home offices are likely to be in increased demand.
home office fitted furniture

A commitment to craftsmanship

Heaven & Stubbs home office furniture is individually handcrafted at our workshops in Oxfordshire. Whether we’re create traditional, or contemporary designs, we apply the same exacting standards to everything we do. We take millimetre perfect measurements, get to know you and your particular requirements and help you choose the right materials. We then set about crafting a completely unique home office that meets your needs and enhances your home. Heaven & Stubbs home office fitted furniture is the perfect solution for anyone who is making the move to home working.
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Office fitted furniture

Every home office that we design is created to your own specifications. Each piece of home office fitted furniture is made to suit your precise requirements for a customised finish that is perfectly tailored to your needs.

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Showcase home offices

The only way to fully appreciate the quality of our work is to see it for yourself. See our showcase gallery of beautiful designs or make an appointment to visit one of our home office fitted furniture showrooms.

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