Home Office Design – Effective Use of Space

What Is a Contemporary Home Study?

Contemporary home office design is study furniture that not only incorporates up to date – modern design touches, but also, aspects of design that belong to a previous era, giving the design a familiar, nostalgic – yet exciting flair.

The bespoke design and manufacturing capability of Heaven & Stubbs means that this approach to creating a bespoke home office has far greater possibilities than those brands offering ‘off the shelf’ standardised design solutions. Heaven and Stubbs can work closely with you to create modern, fitted home study furniture of the highest possible specification and quality with design cues from any period of time.

Victoria, Edwardian, Art Dec, 1960’s or 70’s…….any influences from any period of time is possible; this goes for colours and finishes too. This level of design flexibility and close personal service means that we can achieve the exact look you are after whilst presenting you with furniture with the levels of build quality that will see it last for generations of use.

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